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Welcome to the 2012 Ultimate Football Genius Competition, brought to you by the What’s Your Fantasy! Podcast and ProFootballAddicts.com. Please read all of the rules and scoring listed below before emailing me with any questions, I am sure you will find the answers to almost any question you might have.

The Ultimate Football Genius is a bragging rights contest brought to you by Jared Ferree and Joe Everett, the hosts of the What’s Your Fantasy! LIVE Radio show and podcast, and new site ProFootballAddicts.com. We will be discussing the contest on the night of the regular season and periodically leading up to the deadline to return your entries. You can find the podcast on iTunes, or listen directly at www.blogtalkradio.com/whatsyourfantasy

Entries must be emailed back to me at wyfshow@gmail.com before midnight, Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. Please save your form with your name in the title – “My Name’s Ultimate Football Genius”. Please make sure your entry is turned in by then, any entry received after that will be deleted from my inbox. This gives you a little under 5 weeks to complete the entire form.


The object of the Ultimate Football Genius is to score the most points. Each prediction has a maximum score of 5 points. With each category you receive 5 predictions. If your #1 Prediction is correct, you get 5 points. If your #2 Prediction is correct, you get 4 points. If your #3 Prediction is correct, you get 3 points. If your #4 Prediction is correct, you get 2 points. If your #5 Prediction is correct, you get one point. There are no points awarded for guessing 2nd place. If two players are tied in a statistical category, you will get points for the higher of the two. For example, if Tom Brady and Peyton Manning both finish tied for the Most Passing TDs, and you had Brady as your #2 Prediction and Manning as your #4 Prediction, you will get the 4 points for Brady, rather than the 2 for Manning.

This season we have added a PreSeason Survivor Pool Picks, and we’ll discuss the scoring for that section when we get to it.

When you open the attached spreadsheet, you will see 8 worksheets listed inside the main spreadsheet. We’ll start with the first worksheet – Personal Information.


I have listed 5 questions on this sheet to just give me a little more information on the contestants. They are simple things like name, age, State/Country of residence, email address, twitter handle, and favorite NFL team.

I really just want this information out of curiosity about who all is playing and where we are all from. I can also then tell who is better on average, the younger guys, the older guys, and which fans competing are more knowledgeable as well, just for fun. I also need your name and email address in the event that you win I’ll know who to contact. The twitter handle is for me to give some shoutouts during the season.


This is the 1st Sheet where you will be making your predictions. There are 35 predictions to make on this sheet. Any Predictions that are left blank will be scored zero points. I am not worried about you typing the full name of the player you want, but make it easy to understand. Don’t type PM if you want Peyton Manning, and don’t just type Manning b/c there is more than one Manning at the QB position. You can type “Peyton Manning” or “Manning, P.” or “P. Manning” if you prefer. If you are talking about a guy with a unique last name like Vick or Rivers, you can just type the last name, that will be acceptable. If you have a doubt about how much to type, keep the idea that more information is always better. If you put something that is questionable, don’t assume I know what you mean, I’ll probably score it a zero. I am not too worried about spelling, as long as I have an idea what you meant. Last season for the TE category, we had people who simply put Davis as an answer, but with Vernon Davis and Fred Davis, I scored that a zero for that contestant.

This sheet is broken into 5 categories – QB, RB, WR, TE, and Team Offense. All of the predictions under that category refer to that position.

When filling it out, it’s pretty self-explanatory, for QB with the Best Comp %, your #1 Prediction is going to be the guy you think will have the Best Comp % at the end of the season, and if you are right, it’s worth 5 points. Please scroll down and fill out all 5 predictions for all 35 categories.


There are 20 predictions to make on this sheet, broken into 3 categories – Defensive Lineman & Linebackers, Defensive Backs & Safeties, and Team Defense. Again, make your 5 predictions for all 20 categories here as well.


This was a new category we added last season, and it’s a few questions for all the NFL Draft gurus out there. We wanted to give you a chance to show off how much you know about what rookies will be the best at their position. There are 10 Predictions on this sheet, broken into 3 categories – QB, RB, and WR.


There are 10 Predictions on this sheet to make starting with 8 Predictions regarding Post-Season Awards.

NEW FOR 2012: 2013 NFL DRAFT

There are two questions here – The 1st is which team will have the #1 Overall Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, list your top 5 choices. The 2nd is which team will have the best regular season record at the end of the year.


There are 15 Predictions to make on this sheet, broken into 3 categories – AFC, NFC, and Superbowl. This one is a little tricky because the division winners have just 3 predictions available b/c with 5 predictions available for just 4 available options, it’s a bit too easy to score points. Scoring for the Divisions will be different from every other sheet, it will be as follows – Scoring will be 5 points for Prediction #1 being right / 3 points for Prediction #2 being right / 1 point for Prediction #3 being right.

You will be allowed to make 5 predictions for Wildcard Teams, Conference Champions, and Super Bowl Winner. Those will be scored as normal, 5 points for Prediction 1, 4 points for Prediction 2, etc. If you put more than 3 predictions on ANY division winner, you will receive a zero for that prediction. If you are confused, email me and I’ll clarify, but it should be fairly understandable.


The Bonus Round is set up like a Confidence Pool. There are 35 Predictions to make from the following 6 categories – Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Team Offense, Team Defense, and AFC vs. NFC.

When making these predictions, it is like a Confidence Pool, you have 5 Predictions to make in each category, and you rank them based on your confidence in being right. You have 5 points for 1 answer, 4 points for 1 answer, 3 points for 1 answer, 2 points for 1 answer, and 1 point for 1 answer. You will put your answer in the Answer Column, and your points you want to risk in the Point Value Column.

For example, in the Quarterbacks Section, Question 1 – Will there be Over/Under 8 ½ QBs to throw for more than 4,000 yards? If this is the question you feel most confident about, then put your answer, say OVER, in the answer Column, and then 5 in the Point Value Column.

You can only use a point value from 1-5 once per category, so the most you can get in one particular category would be 15 points. With 7 categories in the Bonus Round, you have the potential to get 105 points, which is a ton if you do it right. For those of you who don’t gamble, if you pick Over for 6 1/2, then you are guessing there will be 7 or more to win.

NEW FOR 2012: Bonus Round: Pre-Season Survivor Pool Picks:

This is another chance to score more points in the form of a Pre-Season Survivor Pool Bonus Round. It will be just like normal Survivor Pool picking one team to win every week of the NFL season without picking the same team twice, the only twist, you are doing the entire season before the season even starts. For example if you like Dallas in Week 1 over the Giants, you put Dallas as your Week 1 Pick, and you are unable to pick Dallas again for the rest of the season.


You will receive 1 point for correctly predicting a winner in any given week. If you start to build a streak, you will receive an extra point for every week that streak continues, up to 5 points. If you pick Dallas in Week 1 and they win, you get 1 point. If you have Philadelphia to win in Week 2 and they do, you would receive 2 points. That would continue up to 5 points, so if you carry a streak into Week 11, you will still only be getting 5 points for each correct consecutive pick. It’s just one more way to score points, and all the picks are made in the pre-season.

If anyone has any questions after reading this, you can email me at wyfshow@gmail.com. Please feel free to pass it along to any and all football fans that you think might enjoy it. This is not a contest to try to embarrass anyone, it is solely a contest to let one person tell everyone else how smart they are. I do not spend any time at all picking on last place, and all the time congratulating 1st. At the end of it all, it’s about having fun, and hopefully proving to all your friends and fans that you are the Ultimate Football Genius. Thanks for filling this out, it should be a lot of fun.

– Jared Ferree

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