Week 3 NFL Picks Report Card

Even without Tony Romo, I thought the Cowboys were a good bet in Week 3; but they fell short. Even without Tony Romo, I thought the Cowboys were a good bet in Week 3; but they fell short.

Official Week 3 NFL Picks (4-4):

Year to Date: 14-6

Cincinnati Bengals (+3) at Baltimore Ravens: WIN

Oakland Raiders (+3 ½) at Cleveland Browns: WIN

Philadelphia Eagles (+2) at New York Jets: WIN

Buffalo Bills (+3) at Miami Dolphins: WIN

Chicago Bears (+15) at Seattle Seahawks: LOSS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7) at Houston Texans: LOSS

Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys (+1 ½): LOSS

Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions (+3): LOSS


In Week 3 I released 8 Official NFL Picks, the most of any week this season. I had a lot of key angles all going off in the same weekend, so it led to a lot of picks. Early on Sunday afternoon, things were looking great with the Cowboys, Bengals, Raiders and Buccaneers all leading or keeping it close early on. Philadelphia looked like a winner very early on and held on for us, but then the Cowboys fell apart and the Bengals started giving up a big lead after what I thought was a bad call taking the TD away from Eifert that would have put the Bengals up 21-0 at that point. We ended the early games with easy wins on the Eagles and Raiders, a close win with the Bengals and a loss with the Cowboys and Bucs. The Buccaneers missed 3 or 4 FGs in their game after the kicker nailed a 58 yarder early in the game for a disappointing loss. We were sitting at 3-2 in the early games with the Bills, Bears and Lions to go. The Bills game was an easy win and it was apparent early, while the Bears kept it close in the 1st half, and it looked like we could make it to 5-2 going into Sunday night, but it wasn’t meant to be. The Bears couldn’t move the ball at all on offense and we ended at 4-3 going into Sunday Night with the Lions. The Lions kept it close as well, but couldn’t keep it close enough late in the game and we ended Week 3 at 4-4. It was disappointing because I really thought we had the Dallas game and the Bucs really let me down as well. You can’t win every game, but I was still hoping for 5-3 at the worst, to end up 4-4 is just spinning your tires and I hate it. Either way, we will be back in Week 4 to make some money!

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